A bit of a long overdue post for me as this happened on 12/28/18. If you know me at all, this will most likely shock you. If you’ve met Stacy, you know why. Everyone always told me one day… one day you’ll find that person you can’t live without, the person who will love you unconditionally, the person you want to enjoy getting old and grumpy with. Well after 1,043 days (again, you gotta know me to understand the significance of that), I did it. I did what felt right, what I and we wanted, and chose to make that next step towards being with my better half forever. #shesaidyes • • #engaged #betterhalf #1000days #proposal #gettingmarried #holycrap #loveyouforever

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I'm pretty cool and I like doing cool stuff. I have a couple of goals... 1) Get certified in everything that I think I like; 2) Visit all the national parks; 3) Make the best out of a pretty wonderful life. That's all.